Supplier’s Evaluation

Supplier’s Evaluation

New suppliers are evaluated with regard to their quality and process capabilities. The Managing Director establishes the criteria for selection of suppliers and conducts supplier evaluation. An approved supplier’s list is maintained and orders may only be placed with vendor’s that are on the list or that which is highly recommended and approved by the managing director.

Product Quality Assurance

To ensure products delivered is in conformance with customer specified quality, we partnered ourselves with accredited inspection companies who caters professional and highly technical inspection services as required by customers and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Delivery of Products

For delivery of products, we have engaged into partnership with reliable and tested insurance and shipping companies to ensure that delivery of goods is properly taken cared of to prevent occurrence of loss and damages.

Customer support

Our highly trained and experienced customer’s support staff, follows the assurance of timely delivery of goods and follow up customer feedback for customer satisfaction.

Business Sustainability and Strategic Plan

It is our objective to increase our profitability by increasing sales volume. The managing director is in charge to liaise with different manufacturing industries in representing our organization for possible business relationship. Increase in sales volume would mean increase in purchasing requirements thus increase in fund requirement. Plan of obtaining credit facilities with local banks is highly regarded. Maintaining excellent business relation with existing clients has always our major concern. The General Manager ensures business plans and company policies are effectively implemented. Trainings and enhancement programs for staff and business support has been reviewed of its effectiveness. To cater customer needs and requirements, plan of developing a website is in store in the year 2011.


In order to attain these goals, we have established the following company policies:

Product and service provision

We have engaged into Long term relationship with leading manufactures and suppliers all over the world, to list:

Supplier’s Evaluation

We have engaged into Long term relationship with leading manufactures and suppliers all over the world, to list: